Do you agree to the following?

I hereby declare that I am of good mental and physical health, and have the approval and consent of my family (in case you're a minor) to donate blood on a regular basis. In case of any illness, I will inform the relevant people, and exercise responsibility. Moreover, I understand that the Shifa Blood Donor Society will contact me after every 3 months to donate blood (And it will then be my choice if I want to donate or not

Donor Name Age Contact City Area Gender Blood Group
Donor Name Age Contact City Area Gender Blood Group
Hassan Rana2303204104811lahoresaddat colony iqbal townmaleO+
Ali Rana3203084466203lahoresaddat colony iqbal townmaleO+
Muhammad Waqas3103224610850lahoreAwan TownmaleB+
Mian Irfan2903214260216lahoreShadramaleO+
Muhammad Abdullah Butt3403334843454lahoreAllama Iqbal TownmaleA+
Mian Umer2903004523006lahoreShahdramaleAB+
Rizwan Rana3603014616066lahoreiqbal townmaleO+
shahid fazal3703014606400lahoreiqbal townmaleB+
waqas hanif2403133999421lahoresamnabadmaleA+
Waseem Ijaz3603228090761lahoreGari ShahumaleA+
Muhammad Shazad3003014131943lahoreShahdaramaleB+
Muhammad Irfan2403214903005lahoreGari ShahumaleB+
Mian Shahid3303007459811lahoreRaj GharmaleB+