Founders Body

The name of the founder member of the society to which the rule and by-laws of the management affairs is entrusted are:-

 Name and Sur Name  Father's Name  Nationality Office Bearer  Public Profiles of Hawa Board
Asghar Ali
CNIC 35202-1760031-3
Muhammad Latif Pakistani Chairperson

Chairman Anarkali Board, Lahore.
President of Injuman-e-Tajran, Sohail Tower, Lahore.
Garments Importer / Exporter.

Arshad Ali
CNIC 35202-6807623-7
Taj Din Pakistani Managing Director 

C.E.O of BSG Industry & BSG Trading.
Garments & Betel Importer.
sv.President of Injuman-e-Tajran, Sohail Tower, Lahore.
Vice Chairman Anarkali Board, Lahore.

Hamid Maqsood
CNIC 35202-3930636-3

Muhammad Maqsood Pakistani Secretary 

F&Q Garments (Manufacturer & Wholesaler)
General Secretary Sohail Tower, Lahore.
General Secretary Anarkali Board, Lahore. 

Usman Taj
CNIC 35202-2721607-7

Taj Din  Pakistani Treasurer 

Garments Wholesaler & Manufacturer.

Umar Arshad Ali
CNIC 35202-7500667-5

Arshad Ali Pakistani Member 

Director BSG Trading.
Importer / Exporter

Muhammad Irfan
CNIC 35202-2512527-3

Taj Din  Pakistani Member 

C.E.O Friends Solutions.
Computer Hardware / Software & I.T Solutions Provider.

Muhammad Nadeem
CNIC 35202-2730892-1

Salah-ud-Din Pakistani Member / Legal Adviser 

Advocate of High Court.